Flow Technology

Kaneka is well positioned to utilize our continuous-flow technologies to support customer projects through the establishment and production of flow processes to support programs up to, and through commercial manufacturing and launch. This Process Intensification uses a range of Kaneka developed laboratory equipment to propose and construct the optimal continuous-flow system at both the laboratory and commercial scale. Commercial scale production can be developed using our pilot and commercial scale flow reactors, designed to directly scale the chemistry developed in our laboratories. Kaneka’s flow reactors are designed to be customizable according to the characteristics of the target reaction, and are applicable to a wide range of flow reactions, including liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, and liquid-gas reactions.

1. R&D Laboratory (Japan & US)

  • Feasibility study
  • Optimization & Process establishment
  • Scale-up study
  • Sample preparation (g ~ multi-kgs)
Application examples
[ Liquid-Liquid ]

Lithiation, Grignard reaction, Phosgenation

[ Liquid-Solid ]

Deacylation, Asymmetric Michael reaction, Allylation

[ Gas-Liquid(-Solid) ]

Carbonylation, Hydrogenation

[ Photo ]

Halogenation, Amidation

[ High Temp. ]

Rearrangement reaction etc.

2. Pilot Plant (Japan)

  • Feasibility study
  • Optimization & Process establishment
  • Scale-up study
  • Sample preparation (g ~ multi-kgs)

ca. 2 kg / hr

Successful manufacturing of a key pharmaceutical intermediate requiring hazardous chemistry under continuous-flow reaction at the 100 kg scale.

3. Production Plant (Singapore)

  • Large-sized coil reactor
  • Multi-purpose reactor
  • GMP compliance
  • Capacity: ~ ca. 280 L/hr

ca. 11 kg / hr

Commercial production using hazardous chemistry of an intermediate for pharmaceuticals at MT scale under continuous-flow.


Our flow technologies have attracted great attention in both academia and industry, for which we received the following awards.


JSPC* Award for Excellence *The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry
“Application of Flow Reactor System for Phosgene Reaction”


The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan.
“Innovative Process Development Utilizing Continuous Flow Reaction”