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About Kaneka Fine Chemicals
Kaneka Corporation is a leading technology-driven chemical manufacturer with a multi-billion U.S. dollar turn over. Kaneka Corporation, headquartered in Japan, provides diversified products globally supported by a worldwide manufacturing and marketing organization.

Kaneka is dedicated to the development of world-class technology in the field of chirality and continuously strives to maintain our leading position through research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative products.

Based on our customers' needs and requirements, Kaneka offers new technology development programs that are an effective application of our advanced biotechnology and synthetic technology. Once Kaneka is successful in constructing competitive manufacturing technology, Kaneka initiates supply of products and effectively supports customers' new drug development from early development needs through to full commercial pharmaceutical production.

Process innovation and flexible manufacturing along with compliance to the highest standards of Quality Assurance & Quality Control enable Kaneka to meet many customers' inquiries with professional solutions. Kaneka strives to be a "Producer of Reliability."
Needs driven R&D
Effective combination of biotechnology and synthetic technology
A variety of chiral compounds list
Flexibly responding to volume and technologies
QA&QC & E.H.S.
Complete quality assurance in compliance with GMP
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